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Temas de diseño
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Diseño : Xthemes
Enviado por w4z004 el 13/3/2003 0:17:57 (2995 Lecturas)

I have put together a depot site for Xoops 1.x themes. The site is at There are 112 themes available. Plus the themes preview option.

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Diseño : Algunos cambios estructurales que se vienen en el xoops 2.0 RC3
Enviado por w4z004 el 1/3/2003 19:03:05 (2990 Lecturas)

There has been a change in handling of theme files in RC3 (which is about to be released in the next few days), as well as several modifications to the naming conventions.

The skin files will no longer be included in a themeset, but managed separately as theme files under the themes directory as we did in XOOPS 1.x. Only the module template files are included in a themeset, thus we will rename theme sets as template sets from RC3.

Why this change?

The development of theme files has become too complicated, or requires overly much work with template and skin files combined. In addition, storing them into DB made hard for the files to be modified on a frequent basis. We also have noticed that skin files are touched more often by the site administrators than are the template files. By completely separating them apart to template and theme sets, we hope that it would not only facilitate the development of theme files for XOOP2, but also make the site administration and management much easier.

Please continue reading for details..

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Diseño : G-UK Theme
Enviado por w4z004 el 23/2/2003 5:52:26 (3750 Lecturas)

After a few hours of tinkering around with the touring theme and xoops STD theme, I some how managed to stuble on my own theme, I will not take more credit than I deserve as I did no creation or mod to the CSS files, just messed with the HTML ons off-line and uploaded.

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Diseño : nuevo flash banner
Enviado por w4z004 el 10/2/2003 4:02:00 (3620 Lecturas)

Gracias a swissLyons por estos 2 excelentes banners.

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Diseño : x2 theme para xoops 2.0 totalmente actualizado!
Enviado por w4z004 el 5/2/2003 2:20:14 (9566 Lecturas)

Luego de trabajar un monton y con la colaboración de airtor y eroc, el nuevo theme x2 esta totalmente mejorado.

Bueno, [HERE] a bajar el t2 theme.

La instalación es realmente simple:

1 - Deszipear en un disco local.
2 - Estar seguro de haber instalado todos los modulos (esto va a ahorrar muuucho tiempo.
3 - Ir al theme manager y seleccionar el theme ( x2t.tar.gz ) en su disco local, y proceder.
4 - dentro de preferencias, cambiar al theme x2t.

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