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Módulos : C-JAY Content
Enviado por w4z004 el 19/2/2003 10:04:44 (2661 Lecturas)

Since Freecontent won't be upgraded by the original developer anymore. I am the one who takes care of it now. So I gave it a new Name and did some modifications.

Following modifications:
1. Content files (html) are now searchable inside Xoops
2. Filemangement added to the admin section
3. You can add and delete the files now through the admin interface no need of ftp client anymore
4. Content is fixed to the content-folder inside the module
5. Put images or additional files to the fixed image folder

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Módulos : Xstyle module
Enviado por w4z004 el 18/2/2003 15:18:26 (2278 Lecturas)

News mods for xoops With this module you can make your own style sheet simply .I search the translators to translate this modules in different language .

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Módulos : Wf-Section 0.9.3 update/bugfix
Enviado por w4z004 el 15/2/2003 17:27:47 (2527 Lecturas)

I have just did a few minor updates to iron out a few bugs in WF-Section and these include:

2003/02/14 0.9.3
Moved WYSIWYG images into WF-Section Images,
Removed Groupaccess from wfsection/includes/ as this was causing Xoops search to only display one item.

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Módulos : Galeria 1.2.6 for xoops 2.0 Launched.
Enviado por w4z004 el 13/2/2003 1:06:05 (3693 Lecturas)

A beautifull news come from Aitor :

Updated galeria from version 1.2.5 to version 1.2.6 wich is the
same that the 1.2.5 but the 1.2.6 version works in xoops version 2.

It is available for download [ HERE ]

Has been under test, when xoops 2 was released and not problem where found.

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Módulos : MyXoopsCart v0.4 for xoops 1.3.8 / Paypal Support
Enviado por w4z004 el 12/2/2003 9:59:19 (3298 Lecturas)

Haga Clic para ver la Imagen original en una ventana nuevaMyCart was designed by Christopher Ostmo of Rosenet Internet Services. In the beginning myxoopscart used the MyCart code with minor modifications. With this version lots of major modifications were introduced, but we are still convinced that Christopher's MyCart was a very good script to start with. Our aim is not reinventing the wheel, nor code the universal cart system which works out of the box for any imaginable product or services in any country or galaxy. Most probably you still have to trim the Cart somehow, according to your own requirements.


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