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Módulos : Roster
Enviado por w4z004 el 13/3/2003 0:23:11 (3209 Lecturas)

Sup all,

After not finding any good opensource game roster applications, I decided to write my own. Three or four weeks later, I've lost count, I'm pretty much done. I now have a php database app that tracks pilots, pilot info, awards, ranks, units, and access rights.

The [URL=]Roster Page[/URL] shows a listing of all pilots, their rank, unit, a link to their own awards page, a link to their own bio page, statistics and other stuff.

The [URL=]Commands Page[/URL] shows a hierarchal command structure in sort of a tree fashion with unit commanders and pilots listed.

It's all maintained via a [URL=]Administration Backend[/URL] where you can update all the info.

If you want to check it out, the demo username is Demo and the password is demo.

I tried to make it open ended so any group could use it. The app is written in php and requires a web server (preferably apache) and mySQL. While this is not a Xoops module I have included some confoiguration items to enable it to be wrapped with freecontent. Wrapped versions of the above links can be found at the Outworlds Alliance website. Look for the Unit Info block.

If you are interested in running it drop me a line. If you like it/think it sucks/whatever drop me a line.


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