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Diseño : G-UK Theme
Enviado por w4z004 el 23/2/2003 5:52:26 (3592 Lecturas)

After a few hours of tinkering around with the touring theme and xoops STD theme, I some how managed to stuble on my own theme, I will not take more credit than I deserve as I did no creation or mod to the CSS files, just messed with the HTML ons off-line and uploaded.

I think it looks quiet smart, now if any one wants the theme then please drop an e-mail to all I ask in return is that you host this theme for others to download, because I don't have time to find some where free and don't wish to use my own server space, If you wish you could also mention my sites Ghosts-UK & Witches-UK I also have a slightly moded version of the Xoops STD theme on Witches-UK if you wish to look.

Thank you for taking the time to read, I wish you all a good day.

Here is a preview of the theme:

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